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May 20, 2011


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Your doll is coming along fabulously! Ummm, her hair looks so familiar???? Oh, cuz it looks just like mine!!! LOL! No joke. Just add a little humidity and a freshly washed head of hair and your doll is a my twin!!

Sweet Pea looks so sweet!!!


Love the update and the hair too!!! Mine is like that often ;)
Sew some for me - my studio is almost unpacked!!


Can't wait to see the whole doll -but guess I'll have to. Re: hair-wish I did have something non-flat.
Now I know what to get Swt P for Xmas.


She is lovely! Does she have a name yet?

Sweet Pea is so cute with the pottery! My mom used to take my sister and I to do this in the summer time. It's good to get her in the habit of making gifts early in life! My P. made a bracelet for a friend whose birthday is today - party tomorrow.

Hope you have a great lunch!


Oh the time and patience you have for that doll is inspiring, I could never fiddle with anything like that=) Your daughter really is cute as a button

Linda in Calif.

I love her! She turning out so unique and fabulous. So glad Sweet Pea gets to do the pottery - that's so fun.

Cathy B

Your daughter is the sweetest. She always has the cutest smile on her face. Your doll is beautiful. I love the hair. Can't wait to see her completely finished. Hugs.


Hi Stephanie ~ don't feel badly that it's been 3 weeks in a row...I've been longer than that w/o a UFO report!! But at least I was working on something this week and, like you, I hope to get it finished tonight at Friday Night Sew-In! Your doll seems quite tedious...for me to do anyway! Your daughter is charming!


I want a belt too! Your doll is the cutest thing!! I can't wait to see her completed.
Sweet Pea is adorable! She has the sweetest smile :)
I don't blame her from wanting your bag from yesterday's post ... it is adorable! I love it too!
Have a good weekend!


Your doll is coming along beautifully! But I have to tell you, that's exactly what my hair looks like too. I blow dry it during winter [get a migraine if I don't, from the cold] and have to use the flat-iron too. But now the warmth is here and I can't blow dry, so the Wild Child look is here for summer!
Sweet Pea is so adorable - so glad she has a hobby she enjoys so much!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Your doll is looking beautiful. I love her hair. Reminds me of mine if I let it grow out and don't blow dry it in the summertime. And Sweet Pea is just beautiful.

Barbara Anne

What adorable dolls! Yes, the one you're making and Sweet Pea!

Seriously, the doll's facial expression is wonderful and the hair is perfect as is her outfit and belt. Well done!

Hope lunch was a blast.


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