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May 24, 2011


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Hope all is okay!


Great projects! Tell Linda I am so sorry for her loss. Busy around here too!


And what did you work on - besides photography?

I'm sorry about your tooth!! And you guys are leaving town soon too. Ouch! Crossing my fingers that you get good news tomorrow!

Maggie Szafranski

What a great show and tell! Lots of creativity going on there! Too bad about the tooth! Hope the root canal takes care of your problems!


Loved all your pictures. I especially like what Holly is doing. Can you tell me more about that? Loved Laurie's applique. So sorry about Gypsy. I know the pain that can cause. Tell your SIL my hear goes out to her. Sorry about your tooth. Hope all is okay there and elsewhere. Cheer Up!


Well, you don't have an edit feature...at least I couldn't find it. I meant to write heart, not hear. Gads, I should really take time and proof read! Sorry.


@Carolld, just in case Mama Pea is not able to get back to you, I'll tell you what George is all about! He, and his wife, came to our guild and did an excellent trunk show. They then offered a workshop, which I took. The pattern we used is called "Diamonds in the Rough". Stephanie also bought the pattern, but didn't take the workshop. It's foundation paper piecing, like paper piecing. You also really need his ruler, to get that 1/8" cutting edge. Here is his website: http://www.georgesiciliano.com/
I love the way he has you set up a fabric guide (as seen in the left of the photo) and then pre-cut and stack your fabric pieces (as seen in the upper center of the photo)- the sewing process then becomes very Zen, since you are already prepped! I would highly recommend his patterns, they are really amazing!


Love all the pics! You are a group of talented ladies :)


What a great group - and their projects! Love them. I'm sorry to hear about Gypsy, that is never easy....and I'm sorry that something is bugging you too, hon. I hope and pray everything's ok.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Wonderful show and tell. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the root canal thing. But congrats on the weight loss.

Linda in Calif.

I've been gone for a few days, but I get to come back to some real eye candy. All the projects are so great. Thanks!
To Linda - I'm so sorry about Gypsy. I had a dog named Gypsy too and I loved her.
I hope your root canal is okay now. And also whatever is troubling you works out okay and quickly.

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