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March 03, 2011


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ahhh so cute!!


Oh wow, she did such a great job. It reminded me of when I was homeschooling my children. We had a book with all kinds of ways to make little books. I think it was called the Big Book of Books (??) We had such fun making hot dog and hamburger folds. And lots of little books for projects.


I love this tutorial. I will have to pass it along to my scrapbook buddies.

Your sweet pea is a cutie!


How adorable. What a great tute. Love all the pictures of Sweet Pea. I'm going to forward this tute to some of my friends with young ones. Great job.


oooohh, I recognize that look of annoyance. Tell her that her pictures are really nice and Aunt Linda wants a book too and you'll probably get another look like that. Gee, are her fingers getting long like daddy's -time for piano lessons. Good Job Sweet Pea!


Tell Sweet Pea she did a great job! She's so adorable. I'll have to do this with my little girl too. Thanks!


Sweet Pea is adorable! The little books are cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

Cathy Buel

How sweet. I made something similar with my granddaughter last year. She wanted hers to be a photo album with pictures from the week we spent together. Congrats to Sweet Peas for a job well done. Hugs


My little P. would probably make a potions book or recipe book. Last weekend he made up a new drink - dissolve Sweet Tarts in water. He just had to write down the recipe - LOL!


Great tute Stephanie, and Sweet Pea is too precious - she's adorable even when she's silly, lol! That was one thing I loved about homeschooling, we had time to read together all day long. I was still reading aloud long after the boys had learned to read. And I would catch one reading to the other all the time! I'm so glad they grew up to be readers.


What an awesome tutorial Stephanie! Sweet Pea is so CUTE! She was an excellent assistant!

Maggie Szafranski

I have little friends coming tonight for supper, I think I will teach Miss Andrea this one, she will love it!


How sweet! Sweet Pea is adorable with her very own tutorial :) I just love it!! Tell her I said thank you for the wonderful idea book info. She did a great job.
I was about to miss this post!

Rosemary Dempster

I used to make these book with my kids. The grandchildren will love them and enjoy seeing Sweet Pea doing it as well. Great tut!

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