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March 16, 2011


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What a wonderful post. Enjoyed all the pictures and information and links. Gave me a lot to think about. I'm so sorry about your friends. It is terrible what is happening in Japan. My heart and prayers go out to all there. I too would like to do something more personal. Let me know what I can do to help.


First of all, I really hope that your friends will be okay in Japan. That horror just keeps getting worse and it's frightening for all of us. I have people I know who live over there too and one of them a quilt blogger. We just keep praying for them.

I loved the information and tidbits Nancy gave. I always buy $100 wool as I'm not a blends person of any kind really. So that was a good tidbit.
Love those buttons. I bought some from her when I was there last. Just love 'em.

Really loved her slippers. She does have tiny feet...but she is a tiny person. So sweet:)

Thank you so much for sharing this great ad wonderful post!


Oh! I forgot to mention how much I just LOVE Aurifil's wool thread and use it for my wool too. Oh I love that company!!
It's so nice that Nancy has quite a bit of it in her store too.


Oh my goodness!!! Your posts are wonderful! It looks like the guild was great and informative.
So very sorry to hear about your friends in Japan. I too cannot imagine life like that. I totally agree with your statement of desiring a personal connection rather than throwing money at a fund. Keep us posted.
I so loved your daughter's simple desire to spend time with you. Enjoy, they grow up so quickly!

Aunt Pea

As you know I don't know a lot about sewing, but I learned a lot about wool from this post! What interesting ideas from Nancy. My favorite was the needle and thread case too, and the first thing that popped into my head was -- I wish I had something like that for business cards, and for a small pad of paper and pen. The way it rolls up like that would fit into my life so much better than any typical card holder or pen & paper. And the wool is strong and would protect them, yet the roll up and tie concept would be so much easier on my hands than the typical intricate clasping designs of business card holders in particular.

The info from your friends Yosh and Yoko was great to have too. I just don't trust our media to report fairly, they make things a HUGE deal and then don't report any further. It's frustrating. I too would like to help in a way other than throwing money into the hands of opportunists (like Farmville or Charlie Sheen (!?!)) - so if you get a collection going I will definitely join you.

Great post Mama Pea, thank you!


Tell Sweet Pea E that I love to color. Ask her to send me a finished picture for our fridge. I can see what Aunt Pea's b-day gift will be! We're afraid that radiation will go world-wide when it goes and wish all countries would just get back to the simpler life -Alas, not to be. :(

Linda in Calif.

We have been very concerned about the Japanese people also. I too understand what you mean about giving to some fund - it just doesn's seem personal enough.

On a different note, I love the wood button and enjoyed your blog about the quilts, wool and Quilter of the year. Have a great evening with Sweet Pea.


Those wooden buttons are great! They look similar to the one on my Zentangle kit box.

Have fun coloring! :)


Great post! You are so detailed!! I hope your friends continue to be safe. Very scary!

Have a wonderful evening with Sweet Pea!


All of the wool projects are just wonderful. It looks like you are busy and having fun doing some quilty things.


Love those buttons!! I hope and pray your friends will be ok....so good of you to open your home to them. Japan has an awful track record of covering up nuclear accidents, so I doubt any of us are hearing the truth. What is breaking my heart tonight is that all the men working in the plant to put out the fires are older volunteers, knowing what they're walking into...

I hope you enjoyed your evening!


Thanks for the wool info. I really want to try working with wool, seems like a good project while traveling. Speaking of traveling, we'll be in your Mom & Dad's hometown later today. Thanks also for sharing the information from your friends in Japan - I will add them to my prayers. I hope they stay well - now I have a face to put to the tragic events there.


I have been praying for all the people in Japan and I will especially remember your friends.
I love the wool projects and the buttons.
I love to work with wool, however it is hard to find around here!

Michelle Schroeder

AHHHHH! Drooling at the gorgeous projects. Thanks for sharing. Terrie is getting in some great new wool as well. Oh, and Jill and I are heading to the retreat in Logan in April. Will you join us? :)

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