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February 10, 2011


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Wow! You do have quite the adventures! Glad to know your phone came back safely. Enjoy the day!


Great story! I love Leah. Cute Cozy. I am so glad that you have so many people that care about you!


I put ICE on my phone last year with Jason (as a police officer) being the contact. I figured if my ICE was a fellow officer, they'd be more able to reach him than some other contacts. I also found a phone two months ago in a parking lot and took it to the police station. It was one of the bigger fancy kind and I did not know how to turn it on. Then it rang and I was afraid to try to answer it in case they thought I stole it. No-one at the P.D. asked me my name.


the elliptical machine - wow! You are sooo my hero!! I love this post!! I too love Leah's daily posts...one day I'll actually do one of them!! LOL!!And I just have to add to the ICE stories...I used to use the voice calling commands on my phone and I would always have to say "Call Donnie (my hubby) ICE" and my kids would always look at me funny!!! But it always called him...Enjoy your day today, Steph!!! hugs!


ps - I thought you were doodling paper clips!


I have my hubby in my phone as ICE, but the one time I lost my phone (left it in a bathroom stall), the store staff randomly called a number: my MIL, who just didn't understand the scenario; she called me--on my cell--to tell me that someone had found my phone.


OMG! That is the best story EVER! It just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy to know there are still really good people out there. My sister lost her phone last year (at the bar), she never saw it again. I'm so glad and happy you got it back. That is such a pain if you lose it, right up there with losing your d. license. Exercise is a battle of the mind. Thinking about doing it is the worst. Once I do it, I feel so good the rest of the day. The trick is not talking myself out of it before I get started! LOL!

Great tip too! Thanks! Oh and I LOVE your quilt design. Would make a great fill motif.


I finished my grading at 11 pm last night. Couldn't do it today because I had a meeting this morning and then a mammogram this afternoon. I'm now home after being sufficiently smushed and trying to relax a bit before P. gets home and the ride starts up again.

Such a nice story about your phone. Glad it all ended well.


p.s.s. - could you show that jacket you've got on? Looks verrry interesting.


Love... love .... loved the story! your poor dad.. worrying like that.


I am SO glad you got your phone back! I knew that about ICE, just haven't done it yet. I make sure to put in people's actual names, instead of "mom", "aunt jane", etc...in case it gets stolen, nobody would figure out the relationship. I do need to add ICE though.
Love your doodles!

Maggie Szafranski

So glad you got your phone back. I'm not sure what happened this week, but following blogs just wasn't happening! So today is catch up day for me! Have a great weekend, and stay on the merry go round!


Gads, here's another post that I missed! I don't know how that happens. Loved your story. I have ICE on my refrigerator too. It has medical infro for my mom. Makes it easy to grab in case of emergency. I did a post last year on how to make your own. I love doing Zentangles. Helps with the stress.

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