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January 05, 2011


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"Hot Hoochie Mama" is great! I head it like 4 times because it's so cute AND funny!! Super great goals and realistic too. Good for you. I can't stand setting unrealistic goals or the dreaded New Year's Resolutions.

Now for your quilt...gorgeous!! I love it so much. Definitely a masterpiece!! All that piecing is perfect!! Crawling with perfect flying geese. It's quilt show material, Stephanie. Seriously.


I meant I READ it like 4 times! LOL! Guess spell check didn't pick that up!!


Wow. Nice quilt. That is a masterpiece indeed. Re: the goats...that's a profound thought. Would that all people could enjoy at the least the comfort of your SIL's goats.

Linda in Calif.

"•Also, I believe in setting goals and working on them as the need arises; not just once a year and then forgetting about it." I totally agree with this point. And that's how I've been doing things for years. I really think New Years Resolutions should be kept - so I don't make any that I'm not willing to keep. I like the idea of them being fun. That sounds much better.


I like your wording - "projects" not "resolutions." I have a couple of "projects" for this year, but I do not plan to publish most of them. One I will blog about is "dealing with" my UFOs. Mainly, I need to take stock and decide which ones are worth finishing. Then give away or throw away the rest.

If you want, we can do some of the exercises in Jean Wells' book together. I wouldn't mind doing some of them again because they were fun!


Dear Mama-you sound so melancholy today. Cheer up. Look at that most gorgeous quilt you made -YOU did that! You should be proud of your accomplishments in quilting, at work, and having a marriage that lasts. I feel quilty about our goats having it nice when I know there are people in doorways trying to avoid the cold. If I were president, my goal would be to have homeless housing similar to the senior housing projects.

Aunt Pea

You are one loved Hoochie Koochie Mama! Very cute description of your goal to just be your best.



LOVE YOUR FEATHERED STAR! I have 2 UFO FS!!! damn it. Send it to me to be quilted.
I dont do NY resolutions either. They were made to be broken. I make mini miracle goals.. so I can buy myself new earrings or dabric or tools or thread..lol
I cannot get your blog to feed into my follows.. WTF not??
Love yer guts, G


Just looked at your quilt again. I think I love the center best -no, the blue tones -no, the border- no,the geese in white outline - you get the picture. I LOVE it all! It is sooooo pretty.

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