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December 16, 2010


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Maggie Szafranski

You will never regret taking time with SweetPea! Sounds like you all had a load of good, clean fun (couldn't resist that!)


How fun! Great project to make with the girls! Elsa's nickname "sweet pea" is very fitting. She's so sweet and beautiful! I like the darker colored soaps too. They look really good. You guys are professionals! I would like to do that project I think outdoors when it's nicer out. The soap on the floors gave my clean freak self a little panic. LOL! Maybe we'll do Christmas in July soap making!!


Thanks for the reminder to 'take the time'; it's something I need to hear over and over.


I like the darker blue color but I like the 'soft snow on the ground' look of the flakes. Next time you get a free credit card in the mail,(you know those offers-join our company) save them away in your craft drawer. That way, you don't have to use your real one and possibly lose it and if they break or bend, who cares?

Aunt Pea

Thought I recognized that Dorothy dress! Your snow globes all turned out beautifully, I can't wait to read this again with Rachel & Jane tonight after school.

Caroll D

You are such a good mother. Great project with the kids. Makes me wish I had young kids again. Someday my great grand children will be old enough to do something like this. Thanks for the tute.

Linda in Calif.

These turned out so cute! It must of been so much fun with all the cute little girls and their Moms. I bet all the kids loved getting the soaps - cause you know they are all like your daughter washing away trying to get to the prize inside.


Loved reading this and loved seeing the pictures. Sweet Pea is so cute, and Kylie looks so grown up. Love from Grandma Pea!


This was so much fun Stephanie! Thanks for organizing all of this. It was nice to get together and chat! I just had an idea. If we do the snow globes again, we should use the white soap shavings, but top it off with melted white soap instead of the blue. Kylie was so excited she took them to school on Tuesday. It would have been Monday, but it was a snow day.
We are thinking of you.


LOVE this idea! Mia would love it too. Your Little Sweet Pea is such a doll!

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