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August 09, 2010


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Tom Tom the Piper's Son? Though I don't see a pig nearby, he did get beat, hence the switch. That is an amazing quilt. Stunning. Thanks for the link to the quilt blog...I've started the "Snowbound" quilt. I've never appliqued, so this ought to be interesting. (I'm not sure what 'signature' will show up with this comment, but this is Terri from OSU.)

Peg Vanourny

Stephanie, that quilt is absolutely stunning! I can see why Elsa wants to sleep under it. She should have nothing but good dreams with that to cover her. And Terri is right about Tom, Tom the Piper's son who stole the pig and away he did run! Good going, Terri. "Tom was beat and the pig was eat," hence no pig in the picture, I guess! Here is the poem as best I remember it:
Tom, Tom, the piper's son
Stole a pig, and away he run.
Tom was beat, the pig was eat
And Tom went running down the street!

Not such a nice story, but some the nursery rhymes weren't so tender!
The quilt, though is spectacular!

kathy olkowski

I want to take a nap in Sweet Pea's bedroom, too!!! It all turned out so very beautiful - you're an incredible mom.


I always heard the reason for washing the fabrics first was because some will shrink more than others and could disfigure the final project. I like that you chose the purple for the binding. Isn't it amazing what the Amish do? Look at that spindlework! I don't think it needs a dust ruffle - would it show? I know that afghan is purple-I can picture it clear in my head but it sure looks blue on the photos. Does she want a purple/green one now? If so, send swatch.


The quilt, the pillowcases, the furniture - it is all so nice. Her room is looking so cute!

Maggie Szafranski

That is a such an amazing quilt, beautiful colors! I would want to take a nap under it!


Her room is too cute! Love the toile.

Caroll D

Beautiful quilt. I love those colors together.

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